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The sound of gothic novels : music in fiction and its use in the classroom / verfasst und vorgelegt von Häfele Ramona
VerfasserHäfele, Ramona
Begutachter / BegutachterinnenRatheiser, Ulla
Betreuer / BetreuerinnenRatheiser, Ulla
Umfang134 Blätter : Illustrationen
HochschulschriftUniversität Innsbruck, Diplomarbeit, 2016
Datum der AbgabeApril 2016
Schlagwörter (EN)Music in Fiction / Gothic novels / Sound of novels / Music in novels / Music in Fiction - Gothic novels - Sound of novels - Music in novels
URNurn:nbn:at:at-ubi:1-4063 Persistent Identifier (URN)
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The sound of gothic novels [1.62 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

Music in various forms plays a part in novels written in different literary periods.

This diploma thesis focuses on representations of music in selected novels from the late eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth century which are part of the so-called Gothic movement. The novels that have been chosen as containing a representative sample of musical phenomena are The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe, The Monk by Mathew Lewis, and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

The thesis illustrates how music is used in the novels and focuses on its functions in the works themselves. Several aspects are addressed in the paper, among them the use of music as an aspect of narration itself, as a structural element of the novel. Moreover, the description of characters and their emotions by the help of music is explored. What is more, the use of specific instruments by the characters in settings and situations is illustrated.

Finally, the thesis also includes lesson plans which illustrate how music and fiction can be integrated into language lessons efficiently.

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